John and Grant
  -Thanks guys for putting up with our disorganization in Dawson City

Roger Gruben
   -Thanks for stopping on the ice road and letting us warm up in your van for a few minutes.

Tim Gunter at Circle Cycles in Dawson City, Yukon
   -Gave us access to his bike shop and home, thereby averting certain mechanical disaster.

Brenda Hotte from Hothucks Foods
   -She took time to evaluate our meal plan, provide all sorts of helpful information and give Ray heaps
    of awesome Hothucks products to experiment with beforehand!

Jackie and Jenny and family
   -Our lifeline on the Dempster Highway, they met us and gave us chocolate bars and a package from Tuk.
    They were always friendly and helpful and gave us such a positive impression of people in the north.
    Thanks for hiding Gary's dad in the back of your truck on our last night. What a surprise!

John and Grant
   -Thanks guys for putting up with our disorganization in Dawson City

Don Kawasoe at Norval Outdoor School
   -Lent us snowshoes and a saw

Marc and Dan
   -Ray's Vancouver housemates who put up with a mountain of disorganization as Gary and Ray prepared
    to leave for Dawson

Michelle and Nico
   -Trying, but failing miserably, to fatten Ray up with your shortbread cookies.

Leila Myers
   -Our northern correspondent
   -Became our voice of reason on safety issues
   -Was our ambassador to Tuk. Provided a warm place to call home once we finished our trip

Philip Novotny from B.O.B. and Jim Hall from Bell Sports Canada
   -Thanks for hooking us up with the B.O.B. trailers. They performed flawlessly.

Gary and Gezina Pluim
   -Spent weeks drying fruit and veggies for our consumption
   -Helped us establish media connections
   -Gary Sr. for surprising us with your "coincidental" visit to Tuktoyaktuk!

Carol Ranger - Dietician
   -Studied our food plan and made suggestions for proper nutritional requirements.
   -Thanks for the best suggestion of all time- the oven. Best place in the world to have fresh brownies!

Andrew Sale
   -Provided us with nutritional advice and delicious whey shakes.

Herminio and Linda Schmidt
   -P.R. help, trip planning support, believing in the trip despite its absurdity

Maura Sullivan
   -Made some of the best granola in the country for us
   -Lent us more panniers than we knew what to do with - great gear! You're the best

The Sullivans
   -Lent us the dehydrator and gave hints about what tasted best

The Witt's
   -Thanks for providing us with the huge supply of peanuts and other bulk supplies.

Band Office in Ft. McPherson
   -Thanks for holding our food and being generous with information
   -Thanks most of all for letting us use your heaters to warm our frozen bodies
   -Thanks to all the people in Ft. McPherson for treating us with respect and kindness.
    Those are gifts that are forever appreciated

CBC North
   -Thanks for giving us some airtime. We are proud of our Canadian Radio Station in the North!

Eagle Plains Hotel
   -What a place!
   -Thanks for holding our food drop and letting us warm up inside
   -Thanks for closing the highway, which allowed us to meet all those neat people stuck at the hotel.

Inuvik Hockey Team
   -Thanks for waving on the road and thinking we were crazy

Truckers and Travelers
   -Thanks to all those truckers that provided us with information, food and a good laugh (and a wide berth
    on the highway. Even though you still snowed us, we appreciated the attempt!) Our stereotype of truckers
    is forever changed!

-Thanks to those people interested enough in our journey to stop and talk. People make the trip memorable

-Thanks to the cook at the Engineer Creek Highway Camp for sending us fresh fruit on the road!

-Thanks to all those that offered us rides along the way. If our heads were screwed on properly we probably
  would have taken you up on the offer!